Happy Hump Day!  Tomorrow is the first day of fall and I am more than ready for some cooler weather.  It was over 100 degrees again this weekend.  We have a lot going on in the next couple of months: kids activities, holidays, and road trips are a few things that I am most excited for.  I feel like so much has changed lately or will be happening in the upcoming weeks and months that there’s so much on my mind.  Today I am sharing three things:

  1. Lex had her second dance class Saturday.  We just watched the first week and Saturday she went into class without me.  After she warmed up she participated and came out with a big smile and said she wanted to go back next week.  She has a hard time warming up to new people and situations so I expect a few weeks before she really hits her stride but once she does I think she will really love it.  She loves to dance and only wants to wear a ‘twirly dress’ lately, so fingers are crossed that she warms up sooner rather than later.
  2. They broke ground on our new house Monday.  We are excited to watch the progress over the next number of months.  Once we have the keys we have so many projects to tackle.  Some need to be done sooner than later like window coverings and the back yard.  Others will take awhile to complete.  A major priority for us is getting the kids playroom together shortly after moving in.  I’ve been searching pinterest for ideas (you can follow us here).  I’d love to see your favorite toy storage or organization if you have suggestions!
  3. The kids are scheduled to take Christmas card photos in a couple of weeks and I am frantically trying to decide on a theme and outfits.  I originally had one planned and am second guessing myself.  I can’t help but wonder if I should go more seasonally neutral so I can display the photos year round.  You can see last year’s photos here.



This post is long over due.  It sat in draft mode for way too long and took awhile to get the photos since the computer they were on is packed in storage, but I can’t let his fifth birthday slip by without taking the time to share how much he’s loved and a few things I am currently loving.  Without any further delay…happy birthday dylanDear Dylan,

Happy fifth birthday!  I can’t believe you are five already!  At the same time, it’s hard to remember life before you were born.  You have changed our lives in the best possible way.  I am the luckiest mama to have you as my son.

You’ve grown so much over the past year.  You can spell a few words and write your name.  You are learning to read and recently read your first book to us.  You love cars and trucks, especially fire trucks.  Thanks to Mighty Machines and youtube, you know more about different trucks than most grown ups.  You never miss an opportunity to point out parts on different trucks when we see one driving down the road.  You are wicked smart and will do well in school.  You have a love for learning and I hope it never stops.

You ice skate, play baseball and taught yourself to swim.  Watching you be part of a t-ball team was so much fun.  You loved it and never miss an opportunity to wear your jersey or hat around town.

You have a big heart.  You love your family and your friends and get so excited to see them.  You love your sister and are excited to see her; even though she likes to take your toys.  I love when you want to play with her.  She looks up to you and copies everything you do.  I love that you still hold my hand and want to cuddle with me.  I know these days are numbered so I cherish each time hoping it’s not the last.

You are my first baby and I couldn’t have been blessed with a better, more lovable, fun son.  Four was a good year.  I can’t wait to see what five has in store.

I love you,

Mama dylan55 dylan53 dylan54 dylan59 dylan58



Since fall is practically nonexistent here, adding a few fun accessories helps to refresh Lex’s wardrobe and to make it feel more like fall despite the warm weather.  Fun knee high’s, leather bows and moccasin style sneakers help bring fall vibes to so much in her closet.

The rhinestone headband would be adorable with this dress for Thanksgiving or for family pictures for holiday cards.  I fell in love with the kitty lunch box when I was back to school shopping for Dylan.  Lex happened to see post this while I was putting it together and is ready to go shopping.  She has given everything her two year old seal of approval. fall accessories toddler style headband | socks | bow | lunch box | shoes

I hope you have a nice weekend.  It looks like I have a date to shop for fall accessories with my best shopping buddy!



We have big news to share; we moved!we movedAnd we’re moving again…This will be home next spring!

When we bought our condo, we had already lived in our complex for just over two years.  We fell in love with the location and decided to put down roots there knowing I was pregnant with Dylan.  We’ve always had the intention of selling our condo and moving into a home in three to five years.  Our plan was to enjoy the amazing location of our condo, decide where we wanted to go next and hopefully to make a little money.

Five years later, it’s with mixed emotions that we announce that we have sold our condo and will be moving into what we hope is the home our kids go off to college from.  Our condo is where we brought both kids home from the hospital and celebrated many firsts: first steps, first birthdays, our first wedding anniversary and our last first at this home; Dylan’s first day of kindergarten.

After weighing many options, including an out of state move, we decided to build a home in a new community.  Finding temporary housing was not easy.  At the last minute we found a great place and moved in almost two weeks ago.  The kids have done such a great job with the move.  We’ve been talking about moving (and answering lots of questions) with them for months now.  I wasn’t sure how they would do leaving the only home they’ve ever known but they didn’t shed a single tear; I couldn’t believe it.  We finalize interior sections on our new home this week and will be moving in next spring.  We are excited for this new journey!



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The transition from summer to fall is almost nonexistent in Arizona.  The months on the calendar change but the summer weather sticks around well past the return of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.  The downfall to this extra long summer weather is that it becomes incredibly hard to find fall colored clothing in summer styles once fall actually hits.

I hadn’t really given this much of a thought until last October when we were going pumpkin picking and the choices in Lex’s closet all screamed summer.  I wanted something for her to wear that wasn’t bright and summery and I just didn’t have anything that fit the bill.  I forgot all about it until a month or so ago when I spotted the cutest romper, it is sadly too small for us but I love the dress for Lex.  Here are a few of my favorites for Lex for fall, or summer 2.0. summer to fall hoodie | flower headband |shorts | striped dress | glitter shoes | leather bow | romper | tights | floral dress

You can see some current favorites for boys in the back to school post.


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