When Dylan started kindergarten last fall I was so excited for all of the fun elementary school activities I remembered from childhood; the halloween parade, Christmas program and a class party for every holiday.  I found out pretty quickly that his elementary experience would be drastically different than my own.  Spoiler alert – if it’s not educational, it’s not happening.  When his school announced that their spring fundraiser would be the Apex Fun Run, I had no idea what it was or what to expect but am throughly impressed.  The lessons they learned through this program while raising money for their school are far better than selling wrapping paper or pizzas to neighbors. apex fun run For the past week and a half Dylan’s school has been participating in the Apex Fun Run.  He started the week not wanting to run but quickly changed his mind after the assembly they had to kick off the event on Monday morning.  He came home so excited and couldn’t wait to start seeking pledges for the laps he would run a week and a half later.  Each day he would wake up and be so excited to call and thank anyone who pledged to support him the night before.  He was so very grateful and proud of himself for each dollar he raised.

The Apex team met with the kids each day to teach a lesson and keep them excited.  The Apex Fun Run is so much more than just a fun run or school fundraiser.  The lessons taught throughout the week and a half to the kids are so good.  They learn about what it takes to become legendary leaders.  Just a few of the lessons the kids learned were about being engaged, being empowered, and never quitting.  The day of the never quit lesson, his teacher sent home an email with the following: Michael Jordan missed 9,000 shots (26 of those being for the game point), and lost over 300 games during his career is but he is one of the greats because he never quit.  As an adult that’s such a good reminder about how great things can happen when you don’t quit and one I am glad my son is being taught in school as well. apex fun run apex fun run apex fun run Today was the actual fun fun and I could not be prouder of Dylan for going out and running all 26 laps, which is 2.3 miles, and having time to spare.  It’s not something I could do and probably couldn’t have done at five years old either.  If you have the chance to support a student running in an Apex Fun Run, I highly recommend supporting them.  It means so much to them and the lessons they are learning are creating legendary leaders through fitness and will be with them long after the run is over.



A couple of months ago we had some new pictures taken of the kids.  Marnee from Marriott Photography took these pictures and I adore them.  I love how she captures both of them so perfectly at every age.  She’s taken pictures of the kids at least once a year since Lex was born and nails it every time.  Our kids love her which makes the sessions so much easier for me.

Flipping through the proofs was so funny this time because you could see just how much Lex looks up to Dylan from frame to frame.  She would be looking at him to see what he was doing and then in the next picture be doing the same.  She had me cracking up because it’s exactly how she is right now – monkey see, monkey do.  I love them at this age and am so thankful to have these pictures.

I can’t wait to print these out, frame and hang them in our new house.

marnee10 marnee6 marnee9 marnee3 marnee11 marnee7 marnee1 marnee2 marnee8 marnee5 marnee4



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I think I’ve said this before but getting the kids rooms situated is high on my list of priorities when we move into our new house.  They’ve been so good about moving, putting their things in storage and the general uprooting that happens when you move twice in twelve months.  Today I thought I’d share what I’m thinking of for Dylan’s new room.  He needs new bedding and decor so this is the perfect time to freshen up his room and make it more of a place for the boy that he is rather than the baby we brought home from the hospital.  Someone pass the tissues.

Growing up we didn’t have overly themed bedrooms but had “kid” sheets. For awhile my brother and I both had California Raisin sheets – only in the eighties. ha!  I tend to favor the same style of rooms for our kids.  Luckily for me, Pottery Barn Kids has bedding the kids and I both love and it’s super easy to change out the sheets without making over the whole room when their tastes change. Boy Room Plans duvet | light | quilt | sheets | pillow

For Dylan’s new room I’m leaning toward shades of navy, grey, white and pops of red.  For his bedding I love the plaid duvet cover and shams, navy and grey quilt, the cutest truck sheets and a throw pillow for some texture.  Dylan saw me looking at lighting and really wants the ‘blue one’ so that’s probably what we will get.  I’m leaning toward a light grey for the walls which will look really nice with his dark brown furniture.

I initially wanted to put a license plate map of the USA above his dresser but I’m having a hard time finding one with good reviews; if you know of one, let me know.  With that being said, I am not sure what we will hang on his walls just yet.  If there’s room next to his bed, I think a couple of these shelves would be nice to add to hold some books to read before bed.

The overall feel of the room fits Dylan now and can grow with him for a number of years, which is a win in my book.  There you have it, what I’m thinking of right now for Dylan’s big boy room.  It will be interesting to see what stays and what changes in the coming months.



This post contains affiliate links.  That means if you click on a link and make a purchase from the site, I will earn a small commission from the sale.

It rained here all weekend, which doesn’t usually happen.  Lex had dance class and ice skating, the boys went to a hockey game and I spent some time window shopping for our new house.

Saturday night while Nick and Dylan were at the hockey game, Lex and I stopped by the American Girl store where each bitty baby received lots of attention from Lex.  We were there for a solid half hour while Lex fed, rocked, swattled, bathed and took each display bitty baby on a ride in the stroller.  She was in heaven and wanted to bring them all home.  At one point she was trying to figure out how to carry two dolls while pushing another one in the stroller.  She loves her babies and is the best mama.

After two days of rain, we are dreaming of sunshine.  Dylan is excited to start baseball up again in a couple of weeks and wore his full uniform from last year around town on Sunday.  Lately he’s so into sports and it’s hard to tell which is his favorite.  He wants to play on a hockey team, take golf lessons and he’s beyond excited to play baseball again.  When you’re watching it rain for a couple of days, you know it’s sunny somewhere – just not here. It's Sunny Somewhere hat | tee | board shorts | flip flops | dress | sandals | bag | swimsuit



This post contains affiliate links.  That means if you click on a link and make a purchase from the site, I will earn a small commission from the sale.

Spring has sprung in Arizona. It’s in the 70’s today and they are calling for 80’s tomorrow and Friday. I’ve been browsing spring and summer clothes for the kids for awhile now but it looks like it’s time to actually make a few purchases. Gap Early Spring Favorites Dylan lives in these Old Navy shorts and a tee all spring and summer long. I will pick up a few pairs of both in tan and blue and he will literally wear them every day until next fall or winter.  Here’s to hoping they fit all summer because they don’t make them in big boy sizes.  Most of his shirts are too small so we need to stock up on tee’s and tanks for him.  A light jacket will be nice for cooler mornings on the playground at school and you can never have too many flip flops.

I’ve been meaning to buy both kids rain coats for a number of months and love this fruit covered poncho raincoat for Lex.  I also love the style of this denim jacket and think she will love the patches. She will need a light jacket in the morning’s for awhile yet.  I’m so happy Gap brought back the bow jelly sandals and hope they release more colors for summer. They are our favorite and for sure will be picking a pair of these up for Lex.  I love the peplum tank with the splatter pants, it makes the cutest outfit before it gets too hot.  We spend a lot of time outside and in the pool so I like to add a rashguard into the mix for the kids.  I love the watermelon print and ruffle on the bottoms of this suit.

Seeing all of the cute spring lines coming out makes me excited for spring and summer!  Gap is currently running a sale for up to 50% off baby and kids making it the perfect time to add a few spring things to your mini’s closet.


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