Tuesday, August 2, 2016


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This is Dylan’s last week of summer vacation before school starts and he’s officially a kindergartner.  The last month or so has been jammed packed.  I will post more about it in the coming weeks, but today wanted to share a few back to school favorites for Dylan and the little dudes in your life.back to schooltee | hoodie |tee | backpack | pants | long sleeve tee | shorts | sweatshirt | shoes

Peek Kids is always a favorite around here and the perfect place to shop to add a few new tee’s to Dylan’s closet to make him ready for kindergarten.  The other day Dylan and I stopped into our local store to check out the new arrivals in person.  These are a few things we both really like and will be perfect for him.

The tee’s are perfect with his favorite shorts now or the softest jeans once the weather cools off (probably not until November – eek!)  This hoodie is the perfect addition to any outfit for cool mornings on the playground later this fall or in the air-conditioned class room now.  This sweatshirt is my absolute favorite.  He is the leader of the pack and makes friends wherever he goes.  I am sure he will come home with a bunch of new friends on his first day.

We got Dylan this backpack last year for preschool and even after a year of use, it’s in excellent condition.  I was flipping through the PBK catalog a couple of weeks ago and he asked for the matching lunch box, which we ordered with his name on it to match his backpack.  As we get closer to the first day of school, I have mixed feelings on sending him to school with his name on his backpack for anyone to see and call out to him by name.  If I decide against using it for school this year, this bag is the perfect size.

All of his supplies have been purchased and I am still trying to figure out why each child needs twelve glue sticks.  We are going to meet his teacher and visit his classroom later this week and on Monday he’s officially a kindergartener!


  1. Don’t you just LOVE the dude baseball tee!?!!! I love the backpack too! 🙂 -XO!

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