Thursday, November 17, 2016


When we were in California for fall break in October, we arranged to have some beach pictures taken of the kids. Lex wasn’t having it and instead of fighting her, we just had photos taken of Dylan and I couldn’t love them more. Well, maybe I could if I had matching pics of Lex…dyl1 dyl2 dyl7 dyl9 dyl4 dyl8 dyl6 dyl11We love Huntington Beach so it’s quite fitting that these were taken under Huntington Pier.  I can’t wait to print them and hang them in our new home.  Speaking of the new house, we went from a slab to a fully framed house last week!

photos by Beth Jeffrey Photography


  1. My dear friends lived in Huntington Beach for four years. Being from the Midwest, they fell in love with it. I have never been to California but someday I will. 🙂

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