Monday, September 18, 2017


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Over the years, Dylan’s wardrobe has evolved into the perfect capsule-like wardrobe and I love it.  It happened naturally and before I even knew what a capsule wardrobe was.  I love that his closet is so perfectly him and has only what he needs and will wear and that I can grab just about anything and it all goes together perfectly.  I wish my own closet was a perfect capsule too.  I need to work on that!  But today, I thought I’d share a few of things I’m currently loving for Dylan for fall.WISH LIST: FALL FOR BOYShenley | jersey polo | hoodie | striped shirt | shoes | Friday tee

Dylan pretty much wore these super soft jeans every day last fall and winter, I anticipate he will do the same this year too.  Henley’s are my favorite for him.  I love them alone or under a hoodie for extra warmth.  I showed him all of these shirts and asked what he thought and he said he liked everything I picked; which I am currently eating up since I know this won’t last much longer.  He loves the Friday tee and excitedly said he would wear it on, wait for it…Friday’s.  That’s the plan buddy.  I love six year olds.  I picked up the hoodie during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and it’s seriously so soft inside; I know he will love it.  A couple of collared shirts for a little nicer outfit and a pair of sneakers that go with any of the shirts and jeans makes for the perfect fall wardrobe for Dylan.  Now all we need is some cooler weather.

Friday, September 15, 2017


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Friday Favorites

The cutest fall clothes from June Park

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Friday favorites, or blogged, so I thought I’d jump back into blogging with a Friday favorites post.

In all honesty, I’d be happy skipping fall and heading straight into the holidays.  Since that’s not an option, I am trying my best to embrace the season by adding a few festive things around the house.  I was recently in Pottery Barn and picked up a few fun pumpkin pieces.  I love these bowls to hold candy or snacks from now through Thanksgiving.  I have one on our kitchen table right now with some M&M’s.

It’s no secret that I love shopping small shops for Lexi.  I am so excited for the temps to cool off because June Park released some of the cutest and coziest pieces for fall.  I can’t wait for Lexi to wear the cozy peplum sweatshirt and we may or may not (ok, we totally do!) have matching waffle knit tops.

The kids LOVE pulling a small suitcase when we travel or if I am traveling for work, they beg to take it to the car or back inside.  I’ve had my eye on these kid sized suitcases for them for awhile and am thinking about getting them for Christmas.  If they are willing to lug their own stuff through an airport or hotel, who am I to stop them?

I’m on the hunt for a cut out sugar cookie recipe that: holds it shape, tastes good and is easy to use.  If you have one you love, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.  I tried this one last week and while I liked it, (it reminds me of the cookies at The Sweet Toothfairy- yum!), Dylan wasn’t in love with the almond flavoring.

I’ve recently had time to read a few books.  I don’t remember the last time that’s happened but if you’re in the market for a book or three to read, here are a few I’ve really enjoyed: Lost and Found Sister by Jill Shalvis; Slightly South of Simple by Kristy Woodson Harvey; and The Idea of You by Robinne Lee.

Zozu Baby restocked their Halloween bows today.  Their bows are always a favorite around here and I love the cat ear headband!

That’s all I’ve got today.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 17, 2017


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In our new house we have a home office space which is really nice since I work from home everyday.  We sold our office furniture when Lexi was born and had a built in desk in our condo so we will be starting from scratch in the office.  I really want the office to look and feel like the rest of the house.  Like pretty much every other room, I’ve gone back and forth on design plans but thought I would share what I am thinking for the office right now.
Home Officeall images from Pottery Barn

Nick is quick to remind me that the office is not my space and that he would like a work area too.  I love these desks and would put them together to have one long surface.  Doing this leaves enough room in the space for a chair or small table and chairs for the kids.

The floors are plank tile and the walls are currently white.  In keeping with the gray, tan, black accent feel of the main level of the home, I love these gray desks.  I’m undecided on chairs and we also need a light fixture in this room.

Above the desk, I love the idea of a framed chalkboard for quick notes and a pin board to keep track of birthday party invitations, school calendar and kids art work.  On the opposite wall, possibly over a table and chairs for the kids, I think a large gallery wall would be the perfect place to display some of our favorite pictures of the kids.  Finally, a few fun and functional accessories to complete the space.

Monday, August 14, 2017


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The kids started school last week which means we had to ditch the flip flops for closed toe shoes; for school anyway.  A few weeks ago we bought the kids new sneakers (or do you call them tennis shoes? gym shoes? running shoes?  I think it’s a regional thing, but my husband makes fun of me… whatever you call them) and some Natives.  I knew Dylan would likely wear his Nike’s everyday but was hoping Lexi would switch it up a little.  So far, all she wants to wear are her black and hot pink Nikes.  I have nothing against a comfortable sneaker, but I not so secretly hope I can lure her into some other options before too long.  She’s always liked shoes so hopefully this won’t be too hard.  Here are a few completely school appropriate closed toe shoes and boots I am loving for Lexi for fall and winter.Mini Style: shoes for fall

  1. Old Navy had either the same boots or very similar last year and they sold out before I bought a pair. I love Old Navy shoes for Lexi.  They are always have the cutest styles and you can’t beat the price.  If they take a beating on the playground, I don’t feel too bad about it.
  2. I’ve had my eye on these gold ballet flats for a long time.  I think she would love them because they are similar to her ballet shoes for dance but she can wear them outside.  They would be perfect with some of our favorite dresses and rompers now and jeans later into the fall.  I hope she loves these as much as I do.
  3. Another shoe Old Navy either brought back or released it’s twin sister this year; T-Strap Mary Jane’s.  I saw these enough around Instagram last year to give them a second thought this year.  With dresses and knee high’s I think I can get on board.
  4. Like everyone else, I love these Adidas shoes.  I’m pretty sure I had some back in middle school or high school and kind of want a pair myself.  Maybe if we twin, she will be into them?
  5. I’ve been lusting after these boots since I first saw them last fall.  I love them with dresses and think they would be equally cute with leggings or skinny jeans too.

And a few others we just can’t get enough of….

These rain boots are super cute for a pop of color to any outfit.  Lex loved wearing her pink boots even when it wasn’t raining – which is a good thing since it hardly ever rains here.  We’ve had a very similar version of these black boots the last two years and they aren’t heavy so I don’t have to worry about her tripping and falling and held up really well.  I also love Converse, they just look so good with just about anything.  If you haven’t tried them with these striped knee highs, you’re missing out.

I really love these shoes for Dylan, but will probably wait until it’s cool enough for jeans.  I need to keep an eye out for some dressier shoes for him as well.  If you see anything for boys you love, let me know.

Friday, August 11, 2017


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June & January is having their end of summer sale and it’s too good not to share with you! They are offering 40% off select summer styles like the play dress, tank swing dress, play romper, basic short, striped bloomers, shorty, tank shorty, crop top, striped ballet top, racer tank and swim!

June & January - end of summer sale

June & January is a staple in Lexi’s closet. She wears it all the time and it washes up great. It’s pretty much all she’s worn all summer long. After we moved, I put all of her June & January in one drawer in her dresser. Most mornings she would dress herself from that drawer and because all of the colors coordinate, I didn’t have to fight her on what she was wearing. Huge win in my book.

A few of our favorites that are on sale are: the play dress and tank swing dress, striped bloomers with racer tanks (Lexi loved this outfit this summer), both kids loved the swimsuits and if you have a smaller babe – the play romper is a must. Since bloomers aren’t exactly on the approved list for bottoms for preschool, Lexi traded those in for basic shorts and a racer tank yesterday in school colors to show her school spirit. They aren’t on sale, but their hair clips are pretty dang cute too! And they don’t fall out of her hair!

If you live somewhere warm like we do where we have months of hot weather ahead of us, or if you want to grab a few pieces for vacations over the winter or next spring, now is the time to do it.  Shop June & January here and use code BYEBYESUMMER at checkout to save 40% off select summer items now through 7am EST on 8/12/17.