Wednesday, June 11, 2014


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Summer officially begins in just a few weeks, but with the heat, it seems like summer has been here for awhile already!  I started shopping for Dylan’s summer clothes and thought I would share some of my favorites.  This winter, he wanted to dress himself and he wore a dog shirt 90% of the time.  So far this spring, he has been open to more options, so I hope with some fun graphic tee’s and keeping it comfy, he will continue to let me help.  Oh, and I hid the dog shirt.  Looking for some options for the sweet girl in your life? Check out Lisa’s picks for her daughter over at Adie’s Corner.


  1. Love this polo for something nicer than a t-shirt.  I am thinking about it for some family photos. Gap
  2. I love Dyl in a tank.  He has a couple and he always looks so cute.  Paired with his swim trunks, great for the pool or the beach. Gap
  3. I love the new Gap surf graphic tee’s.  Gap
  4. Slightly embarrassing, but this is the third summer we have bought these shorts.  Dylan loves them & they look nice too. Old Navy
  5. I love these striped swim trunks.  Paired with the tank or graphic tee, so cute for the pool. Gap
  6. I recently bought the bright blue shorts and love them!! Old Navy
  7. Dylan loves cars and trucks, but especially fire trucks, so when I see one on a cute t-shirt, I grab it for him. Gap
  8. He loves his crocs and he can put them on himself, so I continue to buy them.  These Mickey ones cuter than I imagined they would be in the store. His are red. Crocs
  9. Another one of the new surf tee’s at Gap.  Gap

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