Thursday, March 8, 2018


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It’s hard to believe it’s time to start thinking about Easter baskets but Easter will be here before you know it. Easter is April 1st this year and since it feels like March is already half over, I thought I’d share a few favorites for their Easter baskets.

Now that Dylan is getting older, shopping for him is a little bit harder than in year’s past. He’s six and in that age where you’re not quite sure if he will really love something or think it’s too babyish. Ugh, where did my baby boy go?!?! Luckily, they are both pretty easy to please and it’s stress I bring on myself more than anything. ¬†They peeked over my shoulder when I was finishing this up and both have asked for everything listed below…which is good (yay! they loved it!) and bad because now I need to come up with totally different things for their baskets.

When putting together Easter baskets, my go to categories are generally:
– things for spring and summer that I would buy anyway like sandals or swimsuits
– new books
– fun things for outside play like sidewalk chalk or dive sticks or small toys for the pool
– an Easter PEZ because I always got one in my basket growing up
– a chocolate bunny because everyone needs a chocolate bunny for Easter
– a bunny stuffed animal, sadly I think we’re outgrowing this one
If there’s something small they’ve been asking for I will usually add that to their basket as well.

We’ve used both more traditional baskets like these adorable baskets from Pottery Barn Kids and trendier options like the wire baskets from the bullseye playground at Target. I think we will use our classic Pottery Barn Kids baskets this year because there’s something so sweet about a traditional Easter basket and I’m feeling like my babies are growing up way too fast!

I haven’t finished shopping for Easter baskets yet but here’s a few things I’ve either done in the past and they loved or are putting in their basket this year.

Easter Baskets

girls swimsuit | goggles| If You Give A Mouse A Cookie | Green Eggs and Ham

Dive Squid | board shorts | bunny | sidewalk chalk

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