Monday, October 2, 2017


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Happy October!  It’s been non-stop activities since the kids have been back in school, which means I’ve had little time to blog.  I can’t believe it’s October already, but I’m ready for some cooler temps.  We’ve actually had a taste of less than 95 degree weather this past week and I’m ready for more!

Dylan is still ice skating.  He’s moved up another level and skates with a stick and basically full hockey equipment now.  He looks so cute out there on the ice.  I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to call a hockey player cute, but he’s my kid and he’s six, so…..cute it is.  He’s also playing flag football and scored the first touchdown in their first game.  He’s sports obsessed these days and it’s so fun to watch him learn new sports and play on a team.  He LOVES being part of a team.  He has skating or football practice three nights a week, which makes our evenings more hectic than ever before.

Lexi is back in dance class.  She’s doing tap and jazz this year and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.  She participates for the whole class now, which is a huge improvement over last year.  Apparently the recital was the turning point for her.  She cannot wait to get back on stage.  She wants to do gymnastics too, if I can find a time to squeeze it in, we will add that to our craziness.

Since it’s October, it’s the beginning of holiday season which means it’s time for festive pajamas!  I LOVE a good holiday pajama and it’s not lost on me that my kids are quickly aging out of the festive pj age, especially Dylan.  I am going to eat up this last year (or two if I’m lucky) with everything I’ve got!

Surprisingly, they love matching their pajamas right now.  Lexi always wants to match Dylan but lately he’s been a willing participant and is excited to match too!  Spoiler alert, this won’t last long but I will help them match for as long as it does. These skeleton pajamas are perfect for them for this month, which is probably the last time he will fit in toddler pajamas.  Someone send Kleenex.Halloween Pajamas

kitty | boo | candy | skeleton

Dylan’s nightly homework includes at least 15 minutes of reading.  I’ve been going through our collection of books and pulling out all of the baby books that they’ve outgrown and am on the hunt for new, fun picture books.  I’ve picked up a couple of Halloween books and am on the hunt for more, if you’ve got a favorite, leave us a comment so we can check it out.

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