Friday, January 4, 2019


It’s the first Monday of 2019.  I am back at work after taking some time off over the holidays and the kids go back to school tomorrow.  It was SO nice to be able to spend so much time with the kids without having to keep a schedule or race from one thing to the next.  I definitely need to remember to take some time off in December again this year!

The last week or so it has been SO cold here!  It’s been colder here than it has been in the midwest (where we’re from) and I completely forgot how cold it can get and didn’t prepare AT ALL for it this year!  OOPS!

I usually get excited and pick up fall items when they come out and it doesn’t cool off enough so they don’t get worn. This year I skipped all of it except for a couple of pairs of pants for each of the kids.  The cold weather doesn’t usually last long, layering helps us to get the most out of the pieces we need for our short Arizona winters.  Here are a few things I’m currently loving for Lexi for the next couple of months, because baby it’s cold outside! (at least for Arizona)

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1 – I love a cozy pom hat and think Lexi looks so cute in them both around town and at the ice rink.

2 – I love a neutral hoodie.  This is a piece that goes with everything and can be worn year round with shorts, over a swim suit, with leggings or jeans.  The options are endless.  Plus it’s unisex so they can match or coordinate, which we all love.

3 – I love this sweatshirt!  Pair it with leggings and number 6 and either of the jackets and you have the cutest and coziest outfit around.

4 – I really love this sherpa lined jean jacket.

5 – I absolutely love this jacket.  I like that it’s neutral colors so it goes with practically anything but in a really fun print.

6 – I love my Uggs and it’s been awhile since Lexi’s has a pair that have fit.  We spend so much time at the ice rink that I know she will get a ton of use out of them.

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