Tuesday, May 2, 2017


It’s teacher appreciation time again!  Depending on where you live, you’re probably celebrating teacher appreciation week this week or next.  Dylan’s school makes it so easy and sent home a flyer a week or so ago assigning each day a theme to show their teachers how much we care.  Teachers do so much for the kids and the smallest gestures tend to mean the most.

teacher appreciation

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I’m writing this after just having gotten home from a client appreciation event from our favorite local photographer, Marriott Photography.  Marnee has been photographing our kids since I was pregnant with Lex and you’ve seen her work multiple times on the blog.  Sometimes just letting your clients, or teachers know you appreciate them goes a long way.

Here’s what we’re doing each day for teacher appreciation week at Dylan’s school this year:

Monday – Show your teacher your best writing skills.  Bring in a card and let your teacher know how special they are.

Tuesday – Shower your teacher with their favorite snack or restaurant gift card.

Wednesday – Wear your teacher’s favorite color.

Thursday – Bring in an item from your teacher’s wish list.

Friday – Sketch a flower, bring a flower or a gift that smells as sweet as flowers.

Last year for Dylan’s preschool teacher, we had one day set up where everyone brought a flower to make a bouquet for the teacher, it turned out really cute.  If you set that up, you will want to make sure someone brings her a vase.

Don’t forget to acknowledge teacher’s aides, PE teachers, music teachers, nurse etc.  They all go above and beyond for our kids every day.

I’ve also been pinning ideas on Pinterest and would love if you followed along.  I’d love to hear how you’re showing teacher appreciation in the comments.  If you are a teacher, thank you for all you do!  We all appreciate how hard you work for our kids each day!

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